Touches Fish House & & Brewery Louisiana BBQ Shrimp

1 extra pound shrimp (16/20 dimension).
2 mugs Cajun BBQ sauce (see dish listed below).
1/2 extra pound butter.
1 tbsp garlic.
Juice of 2 lemons.
2 ounces oil, veggie or your fave.
1 lot eco-friendly onions.
1 loaf French bread.

Cajun BBQ Sauce.
8 mugs Worcestershire sauce.
4 mugs Crystal Hot Sauce.
1 mug corn starch.
1 mug water.
1 mug cut rosemary.
1 mug TAPS spices or Paul Prudhomme?s.
smudged Cajun-style flavoring.
1 mug split black pepper.

For sauce: Add Worcestershire and also warm sauce to a hefty base pot as well as simmer till lowered by fifty percent. Mix corn starch and also water with each other, as well as include to steaming sauce.

For shrimp: Heat cleared up butter in warm sauté frying pan and also include garlic and also shrimp. Sauté till garlic is toasted.

Include the Cajun BBQ sauce as well as lemon juice, sauté up until shrimp are prepared with, regarding 3-4 mins. Eliminate from warmth and also blend in entire butter, item by item, to prevent damaging sauce.

Split equally amongst 4 individuals as an appetiser. Existing with one entire eco-friendly onion laid across, as well as a chunk of French bread on the side.

Dish: faucets fish residence & brewery louisiana bbq shrimp