Rizzo’s the Riz’s Ribs


3 pieces infant back ribs, currently cut
3 tiny canisters pineapple juice
1 container Wham flavoring or BBQ rub
BBQ sauce of your option
1 could Classic Coca-Cola


2 evenings prior to food preparation, saturate ribs over night in pineapple juice.

The evening prior to food preparation, massage down ribs (both sides) with spices and also allow rest up until the following early morning.

Do not wash or eliminate rub from ribs, stand ribs up in roaster with percentage of water under and also cook at 350 levels F for 2 hrs (much less time for just 1 or 2 pieces), periodically baste the pieces with could of Classic Coke. Get rid of from stove as well as allow rest for 2 hrs (cool down duration).

Complete on either a stove griddle or barbecue grill, saucing a minimum of 5 times on both back and also front of the pieces, concerning 15 to 25 mins. Ribs will certainly thaw in your mouth!!!!

Dish: Rizzo’s the Riz’s Ribs