GAS ONE NEW Portable Propane 200,000-BTU High…

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  • PORTABILITY – Portable forged iron one burner camp stove, Sturdy and sturdy design, Made of forged iron long lasting and good for projects
  • HIGH HEAT OUTPUT- 200,000 BTU; Fully adjustable heat-control knob (Paint Chipping after use is perfectly ordinary, There is no paint that will withstand 200,000btu in the mean time), Power with handle
  • CONVENIENT- Removable and Height Adjustable legs, Air Valve Controllable to have consistent clear blue flame, Comes with high pressure regulator and hose for propane tank connection
  • HEAVY-DUTY- Perfect for Brewing, camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, emergency preparedness, etc., Strong and long lasting
  • SAFETY- Heat Adjustable CSA licensed regulator protected for use with propane tank, Hose protected for attaching to propane tank, O-ring installed on regulator to be sure that there is no gas leakage (it is possible to tighten by hand, but is really useful to use tools in order to tighten)


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