We just got a new Green Mountain Davy Crokett portable pellet grill this thing looks pretty nice we’re going to check it out open the box and you can see the pack real well and styrofoam packing everywhere no no damage to the unit itself these right here are the legs I’ve never seen a unit with the legs like that before and I really like that idea one of the things I haven’t liked about a tailgater in the past you always have to find something to put it on and this takes care of that problem alright let’s see what it looks like out of the box some assembly is going to be required these are the legs we’re just going to put those down for now and open it up and look at the inside and you can see all the little goodies we’ve got there stuff packed on the lid and actually I think it’s just a hand will turn around and protective wrapping and then down inside we’ve got our grapes and our shelves and stuff so we’ll pull it apart check it out and see what we got John and fire this thing up what the unit looks like out of the box only thing we’ve done to it so far is put the handle on it reverse the handle on the lid stand it on its legs also got some smaller little spring feet that you can use if you don’t want to use the big legs I like that one of the other features is the digital control I haven’t seen a tailgater before with such a nice control and it’s got a meat probe we’re gonna laugh at the goodies inside we’ll open it up check it out here in just a minute but that’s how it comes back let’s see what we got looks like they’ve really put a lot of thought into packaging this little grill and I am real impressed with it check this out you can plug this thing into your car and just hook it up to a 12-volt battery or you just plug it into a regular 110 house current those options all come with it it’s not something you have to buy extra that makes this thing truly portable I make it I think it’d be great for RVs camping tailgating any place you want to go picnics just too cool nice little book on how to use it the one page fire plastic line so the last neat use that drip bucket little bag of pellets to charge your fire pot when you first go to fire it up and this here is uh your cooking grates and a sideshow and then check these out this is your drip pan in grease pan and there’s got a slider on it we’re doing open fear I’ve never seen anything like that a tailgate or either and then your heat shield and both of these are real heavy metal so I think so far this looks like a pretty nice unit and as far as putting things together the only thing you’ve had to do is a smokestack three screws there bolts actually the nice little damper on it now to go on the end of the grill right there and the handle that’s it let’s put that thing together put that smokestack on there and let’s fire this thing up and do wrecker ribs this is the heat shield with some real heavy metals nice job on it and it goes in has a couple little notches on the side there or just fits right in there and that you can go ahead and stick that in for us up against the wall by the hopper look at that beautiful now she’s going to do the grease plate with the sear burner it comes apart in two cheese’s there so put this one in first this is a drip pan or the grease tray and it’s got holes in it you know for you do you direct sear you see that little notch right here that notch will go on the bolt there into the coming out of the hopper assembly so it only goes in one way [Music] [Music] the slider part of the drip pan and you see the holes here this is where you’re going to get your direct sear feature again that’s something I’ve never seen on such a small small grill I’ve only seen it on some of the big expensive guys I think that’s pretty slick that if you want to install that for us just sets right in there on those pins and he’s putting in the grill grate piece of cake a convenient little side tray that just slides right into there and then you can see the drip bucket pretty nice let’s go fire this thing up most new grills they say to burn them 45 minutes an hour around 350 or so to burn off any manufacturing oils residues etc etc so we’re going to fire this thing up let it burn for about 45 minutes around 350 let it cool as you bring the grill on your controllers going to cycle the auger and the fan and the charge yarder and dump pellets into the firebox and you want to let this thing go through its whole cycle before you try and adjust the temperature and you’ll know when it’s ready you can see the light flashing on it now start smelling the pellets burn and for the first few times if you use it right here on the inside of the hopper lid it’s got the instructions on just how to go about it really quite simple still going through the cycle and you can hear the fan it’s got a variable speed fan that does different parts of the cycle you can hear change speeds see the smoke starting to come out coming on right nicely and the grill comes up to the ambient temperature which means your outside temperature here it’s a nice winter day here in Southern California 77 degrees when it settles there then you can go ahead and set your temperature or whatever it is you want to cook at and as you can see it’s doing a nice job with the smoke right now coming right along so I’m going to set this thing at 350 and I’m gonna let it go for about 45 minutes hour now to burn everything clean all the manufacturing oils and stuff and I’ve turned it off you can see the control there it says fan when you turn it off the control fan stays on just to blow the fire out in the ash they kind of help keep your firefox clean and when I fired this thing up I had that big cloud of smoke which is because the way that I primed the fire pot by adding all those pellets in there with the auger to being empty which made a whole lot of smoke and then the attempter came up it ran high peak and then it settled back down to the 350 that I set it for and just sat on that 350 for an hour and just burn nice as you please so I’m gonna turn it off here let it cool off then we’ll start all over again and put some ribs on it if there it is after the cool down when it’s all cooled down the display will say off I don’t know if you can read it there but that’s what it says oh ffs I’m gonna fired back up again and put some ribs on it up not near as much smoke and that’s because I didn’t pour pellets into the fire pot so it had the huge amount of pellets there too like all at the same time the auger is doing this thing going through its cycle this is way it should be a normal fire up where does it come along real nice I just sawed them and put some tomatoes on and with some cheese on top of those some little Lodge cast iron pans we let those cook and suck up some more sauce up picking up a little bit char up some we’ll go from there looking good smelling great looking good let’s eat the Green Mountain Davy Crocket tailgaters good to go

Portable Pellet Grill Review

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